Taxes and general charges are based on justice and the development of the national economy.

Imposition, amendment, and abolition of public taxes, shall only be by virtue of a law and no one is exempted from paying all taxes or part thereof except in the circumstances prescribed in the law. It is not permissible to introduce a new tax, fee or any right of any type whatsoever with retrospective effect.

The Basic Statute of the State

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The Secretariat General for Taxation (SGT) announces that all financial institutions, which fall under the requirements of the OECD’s Common Reporting Standard and carry out activities prescribed in the same standard, shall not open any new account for any new client from 01/07/2019 unless the client fill in Self Certificate Form.
For more information and forms, please go through the OECD’S website (

Seminar on the amendments to the provisions of the Income Tax Law 9/2017


Will hold a special seminar for the staff of the Secretariat General for Taxation on the amendments to the provisions of the Income Tax Law issued by Royal Decree issued on 19th February 2017

Start Date 02/03/2017
Duration 1 Hour
Location Conference Hall in Secretariat General for Taxation, Muscat